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Spanglish in ads: A do or a don’t?

One of the discussions I keep seeing is: When targeting Latinos, when to communicate in English vs. Spanish? A recent campaign from AT&T just made that decision even more difficult by endorsing Spanglish as a viable, sensible option.

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International Marketing: Three Steps to “Muy Bueno”

The most exciting part about international marketing is that you get to create or adapt your marketing mix to expand into a new country and connect with a whole new … Continue reading

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Diageo Brazilianizes John Travolta

Here’s another TV spot showing a U.S. celebrity in a campaign created in another country. I just can’t get enough of these! Here’s the background: Ypióca is an iconic cachaça … Continue reading

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Celebrities and their cheesy ads abroad

Once in a while a new article comes up exposing Hollywood celebrities that make big bucks starring in obscure advertising campaigns in other countries. I just love seeing these, and … Continue reading

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Local taboos

The more we see the world becoming “smaller”, the more we realize local sensitivities and cultures matter – a lot. Be sensitive to local culture and know when it’s ok to … Continue reading

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Levels of nudity

Sex sells, but neither everywhere, nor in the same way. When creating packaging, products and ads, think about what “levels of nudity” are acceptable for that market. How much is … Continue reading

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