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Diageo Brazilianizes John Travolta

Here’s another TV spot showing a U.S. celebrity in a campaign created in another country. I just can’t get enough of these!

Here’s the background: Ypióca is an iconic cachaça brand acquired by Diageo in 2012 by US$900 million. It’s a well-established product, but still has a lot of potential for growth.

While beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Brazil, cachaça is the second. That’s a lot of shots and caipirinhas! But cachaça sales have been decreasing over the years as style-conscious Brazilians migrate to more “refined” options such as whisky and vodka. On top of that, several cachaça brands battle for consumer preference at the retail floor, bars and restaurants, and Ypióca lags behind two other brands, 51 and Pitu, in share of market.

In 2013, Diageo launched a campaign to grow Ypióca by appealing to a larger segment of the population. Diageo wants Brazilians to rediscover cachaça by associating the beverage with positive aspects of the Brazilian culture such as samba, soccer, informality and friendship. By ordering Ypióca, consumers aren’t trying to be fashionable, they are being authentic.

And then, they asked John Travolta to show them how it’s done.


John Travolta is a tricky bet. He is well-known, but haven’t had a hit movie in years. Also, Diageo might be missing the opportunity to connect with Millennials, who probably haven’t watched Pulp Fiction, much less Saturday Night Fever or Grease.

Regardless of the casting strategy behind it, the result is pretty memorable.

Next step? Diageo gears up to Brazilianize (Brasilizar, in Portuguese) American consumers, expanding the campaign to the U.S.

I wonder who are they going to cast?


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