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Innocent Drinks: The power of cute

Innocent is one of my favorite brands. I often bought their smoothies when I lived in the UK. The smoothies are great, but what I truly miss is seeing their unabashedly cute campaigns.


The Big Knit = A company with a heart.

Innocent makes smoothies, juice and other fruit/veg products.

Even today, 90% owned by Coca-Cola and present in several European countries, Innocent manages to maintain its playful, endearing voice. They call their headquarters Fruit Towers. Under ‘Contact Us” on their website, they tell you to call the bananaphone. So sweet. They also run campaigns like the Big Knit, where people knit millions of little woolly hats for their smoothie bottles. The sales proceeds from each bottle go towards supporting people in need during the winter months.


Little wooly hats?! Please take all my money!

My glucose levels are going up.


A cape in a smoothie bottle! For a super good morning!

And there’s so much more. They have the Superhero Smoothie, who saves people when they feel peckish (hungry) between meals…

They even (adorably) dressed some of the bottles for sale in (cute) little capes.

This is all too sweet for a jaded marketer with a heart of ice.

But I can’t resist.

All I want to do is say aww, that’s cute…

…and buy Innocent smoothies by the gallon.


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