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Ads in the UAE: So edgy!

I have been trying to learn more about advertising requirements in the Middle East. First, each specific country is quite different. Riyadh is more conservative while in Dubai you might be able to run the same ads you use in Europe. Much of it depends on your industry and the media you chose for your campaign. Still, it pays off to understand local sensitivities not to waste your money or commit a major faux pas. That’s why even in cosmopolitan Dubai many brands still follow guidelines not to offend anyone. Examples include not displaying face/eyes in outdoor ads in more conservative areas, as well as no nudity, drugs or alcohol.

Are these requirements a pain? It depends on how you look at it. The great thing about really creative people is that the more rules you place in front of them, the wilder their imagination gets.

Check out the ads below: Bat soup? Cannibalism? Some are pretty edgy… without any sex, drugs or alcohol.

american-garden-coconut-juice-chihuahua AgencyY&R, Dubai, UAE

Coconut Juice. Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE

land-rover-eating-out-fruit-bat Agency Y&R, Dubai, UAE

Land Rover. Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE

Malterers - Agency Impact BBDO - Dubai, UAE

Malterers. Agency: Impact BBDO – Dubai, UAE

brax-sponges-cactus-feather -Agency Y&R, Dubai, UAE

Brax Sponges. Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE

The Fruit Shop 3_fatty-and-the-pygmies Agency Wunderman Dubai, UAE

The Fruit Shop. Agency: Wunderman Dubai, UAE

road and transport authority dubai - Agency Livingroom, UAE

Road and Transport Authority Dubai. Agency: Livingroom, UAE

brown_0 ImpactBBDO Dubai UAE

Palette. Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai UAE


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