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Celebrities and their cheesy ads abroad

Once in a while a new article comes up exposing Hollywood celebrities that make big bucks starring in obscure advertising campaigns in other countries. I just love seeing these, and the cheesier, the better!

But they are also eye-opening. These ads are great examples of how diverse sense of humor and aesthetics can be in different cultures. Nicole’s line in the Schweppes ad “What did you expect?” wouldn’t work in North America at all, but if it works in France…

A few examples:

Paris Hilton promoting beer in Brazil, for a brand called Devassa. The brand name would translate pretty much as “degenerate” in Portuguese. That’s pretty risqué, even for Paris…

Ben Stiller speaking Japanese in this Kirin commercial.

Nicole Kidman and the Schweppes commercial

Jennifer Aniston for Heineken

Brand Pritt for SoftBank


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