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How do “international people” look like?

Much more like your neighbor than you would expect.

Local culture is what makes international marketing (and travelling) so exciting. Each country’s typical dress and traditions should be appreciated. In many countries the way people dress is still quite unique to that culture:  Saris are a great example. They are still extremely popular in eastern Asia, but professional women wear the more practical salwaar kamez or casual business attire.

Thus, be aware of a common trap: Most consumers in other countries are not going about their business wearing full traditional costumes.  People in other countries have jobs, go to school, live in apartments, talk on their iPhone’s and most live in big cities.

Resist the urge to always depict people from other countries in exotic garb, unusual locations and homes. Globalization means consumers in different parts of the world might be wearing the same Nike sneakers you have, and craving that same Louis Vuitton bag you want.

The idea is: Just keep your mind open, and avoid generalizations.

“All generalizations are false, including this one.” – Mark Twain

Korean girl. Image credit: Prayitno

Korean girl –  Image credit: Prayitno

Korean girl – Image credit: Owen Byrne


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