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“Abroad” and “Domestic”

Once a company starts operating in a new market, the teams within the organization start identifying people and projects as “the team abroad”, “the domestic strategy”, “the international team”… Confusing!

People “abroad” don’t think they are in fact “abroad”. Their “abroad” is your “domestic”.

If everyone is getting confused, that’s good news. It means that people are past operating with a “HQ vs. the rest of the world” mindset. They are ready to call each market what it is. How about “the team in Mexico”, “the strategy to gain market share in the U.S.”, “the task force working on product development in Brazil”. It’s such as simple thing to do, to start calling out the actual markets instead of bundling all of them as “abroad”, but it makes a world of difference in establishing a global mindset.

Is this team operating abroad?

Is this team operating abroad or domestically? It depends on whom you ask.


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