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International marketing vs. global marketing

On this blog I will be gathering information and ideas about international marketing. To start, I would like to clarify why I use mostly “international” instead of “global”. A lot of publications use both terms as interchangeable definitions for business conducted across national boundaries.  That sounds ok to get started, however, other sources make a point of differentiate international vs. global depending on the way a company operates.

The American Marketing Association defines global marketing as “an approach to international strategy that argues for marketing a product in essentially the same way everywhere in the world.”

That would be very different from the usual definition of international marketing where a specific marketing mix is created when a company expands to a new market.

I do like the Wikipedia definition. It provides a good summary of what international marketing is all about:

“International marketing

International marketing is the export, franchising, joint venture or full direct entry of a marketing organization into another country. This can be achieved by exporting a company’s product into another location, entry through a joint venture with another firm in the target country, or foreign direct investment into the target country. The development of the marketing mix for that country is then required – international marketing. It can be as straightforward as using existing marketing strategies, mix and tools for export on the one side, to a highly complex relationship strategy including localization, local product offerings, pricing, production and distribution with customized promotions, offers, website, social media and leadership. Internationalization and international marketing meets the needs of selected foreign countries where a company’s value can be exported and there is interfirm and firm learning, optimization and efficiency in economies of scale and scope. the firm does not need to export or enter all world markets to be considered an international marketer.”

Image credit: harriet.coolstoryteller

Image credit: harriet.coolstoryteller


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